Policies and Camp Rules

Creekside Crossing Campground Policies and Rules

Camping rules


Quite hours are from 10pm to 7am. No exceptions, no generator after 8pm.


Alcohol is to be consumed in the registered camper’s campsite only.


Visitors are to park in the designated parking area only. Visitors vehicles are not permitted in campsites. Visitors must leave by 10pm, only registers campers are permitted past 10pm. Any campsite with visitors who remain past 10 pm will be charged an extra person charge of $5.00 per day.

Registered campers are fully responsible for all guests. If your guest breaks the rules, you may be evicted with no refund.


Only one (1) vehicle and one (1) camp unit (RV, trailer, campervan, tent etc.…) permitted in the campsite. All other vehicles must park in the designated parking areas.


Campfires permitted only in designated campsites, Allowable campsites with fire pits are,

Fires must be 0.5 meters tall and 0.5 meters wide.

Campfires are not permitted in any campsite during Provincial Fire Bans or under the direction of the Fire Chief.

During a campfire ban, the use of a CSA or ULC approved portable campfire apparatus is permitted.

Campfire pits are prohibited from being moved.

Firewood can be purchased from Creekside Crossing Campground for $15 per bundle or 2/$25. Each bundle is 30lbs each. Campers may bring their own firewood. Foraging for any firewood of any kind at Creekside Crossing Campground is strictly prohibited. Chainsaws are NOT permitted.

The following campsites are NOT campfire approved, Sites 7,8,20,21 &22. The use of a CSA or ULC approved portable campfire apparatus is allowed.

Improper use of a campfire or a portable campfire apparatus may result in your eviction.


Only quiet run generators are allowed from 8am to 8pm only. It is the Caretakers discretion to determine if a generator is too noisy. If this is the case, you MUST turn your generator off.

Creekside Crossing Campground Flora and Fauna

Under no circumstances is any registered camper or guest allowed to remove any flora (leaves, ferns, grasses, flowers, branches etc.….) from any place on the property.

Under no circumstances is any registered camper or guest to tamper, injure, interfere, or intrude on any animal from any place on the property.

Special note for wild animals.

Be aware that there are many native wild animals who travel nearby. Do not leave any food, garbage, or pet food unattended or overnight outside. Secure your garbage in your vehicle at night. Be bear aware.


Pets are allowed at Creekside Crossing Campground. Pets must always be leashed, there are no exceptions. All pet waste must be cleaned up and disposed of properly in a proper garbage receptacle. Do not dispose of pet waste in the forest. The caretaker retains the right to refuse a pet access to Creekside Crossing Campground if any pet is deemed aggressive by the caretaker. This is the caretaker’s sole discretion and must be adhered to. Do not allow your pet off leash at any time.

Booking and Refunds

Payment is required in full at time of booking. Min one-night stay except long weekends, which are a min 3-night stay.

Check in 3 PM

Check out 11 AM

Refunds are subject to a 15% administration fee and will be given as follows.

Full refund less 15% with 2 weeks notice.

50% less 15% refund with 72 hours notice.

No refund will be issued with less than 72 hours notice.

Each campsite is allowed one vehicle and one camp unit. (RV. Trailer, campervan, tent etc.) Only the listed size of camp unit for the site reserved will be allowed in the site. Campsites at Creekside Crossing Campground vary in size, please see our campsite list for the allowable camp unit sizes per site.

Creek and Forest

Remain on paths. Do not disturb vegetation, foliage, and flowers off the paths. Do not remove any vegetation, foliage, and flowers or disturb, disrupt, or intrude upon any animals.

Do not bath in the creek.

Do not remove any vegetation, foliage, flowers, or rocks from the creek.

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult on or near the creek and creek paths.

Water and sewer

Water provided at Creekside Crossing Campground is NON-POTABLE. Do not drink the water. You must provide your own drinking water.

Pit toilets are provided.

There are no Sani-dump facilities at Creekside Crossing Campground. You must dry camp with your RV, trailer, or campervan type unit.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Property

Creekside Crossing Campground is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damage property. It is the registered campers and campers’ guests responsibly to provide insurance for their belongings, and personal equipment. Any damage due to nature, windstorm, rain, hail, or any “act of nature” is the responsibility of the registered campers and their guests.

Garbage and recycling

Creekside Crossing Campground is a rustic campground with limited garbage and recycling facilities. Registered campers and their guests are to dispose of their own garbage. This includes, all food waste, empty alcohol containers, pet waste, and general garbage. Do not dispose of any food waste in the forest or the creek. All food waste must be disposed of in a proper garbage receptacle. For cigarette butts, cigars, etc.., all registered campers and their guests, must store butts in a safe, non-combustible receptacle. Any campsite with excessive amounts of garbage or damage as deemed by the caretaker will charged a clean up fee of $50.00. This includes excessive amounts of cigarette butts, cigars, etc. and nut and seed hulls left on the ground.


Any vandalism as deemed by the Caretaker will result in immediate eviction. This includes, but is not limited to, carvings/defacing on buildings, picnic tables, outhouses, benches, fences, and trees. Any excessive digging of holes on any part of Creekside Crossing Campground. Any damage to any flora in the campground, in the forest and on the creek. Any damage to paths and roadways by hand or vehicles.

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